~She lives in his heart ♥️.

It was the longest winter night.

The shines high

In the dark vast sky

Sitting on the roof top watching the moon shine,

He wanted to go back in time.

Looking at the twinkling stars ,

He wished to see those lights ,

Reflect in her eyes

Wanted to hold her close to his heart

Share the perfect love beneath the glittery sky

It’s been ten years,

He has never missed this night.

The night of the year,

Filled with most precious memories

The fact she was no longer with him

Caused him pain

Crying under the dark sky and shining stars

He wished she was alive

Her soul is at rest ,

But her heart lives on.

With smile glowing , tears rolling,

Looking at the shining winter stars ,

He hugged their wedding album.

Time hasn’t changed anything

He loves her the same.

She’s not dead

She lives in his heart

The bond cannot be broken

Made from love so pure,

Death cannot break the bond of true love

It lives on forever.


~What would I do without her ?♥️

Together on life’s journey

We lived together ,

We fought, we cried , we played

We never showed our true love that we both had ,

Sharing all the joy and sorrows in life,

Sometimes sharing the pain,

Crying and leaning on each other

Was the only cure

A lifetime best friend ,

One that gives me honest advice and genuine support

She’s the one who can read my mind ,

Hear my heart

She’s my family

The most precious sister in the world

Is the one I call my own.


~Life played this time 💔

In 5 years ,

Now, he wanted to ask her why

He wanted to talk to her

The moment he saw her

Things in the past flashed in his head

He was freezing and nervous,

She was his first love

That moment brought back all the happiness and pain

He couldn’t take his eyes off her

She was the angel of his dream

He went down to talk to her

Their eyes met,

While she stood emotionless

tears rolled down his eyes,

He took her hands ,

Looking at the Shining ring

Glanced at her in a shock

She nodded .

Hid his pain with a glowing smile,

Wished her for the best

And walked away

Nothing changed his love for her,

He was waiting for her to return one day

But, fate played with him

She flew away ,

She found her happy future

While he was left in the dark

Haunted by her thoughts.

She left him,

But her memories never did.

~She changed his life forever♥️

He was rough and rude

He was criticized for being negative

Nobody made an effort know the real him,

He was surrounded by loneliness

From nowhere she came ,

She wanted to bring a change in him

She saw through him

Shattered past,

Broken heart crying in the dark,

Not weak but the strongest.

She changed every aspects of his life better.

She made him smile

Never again let him feel vulnerable

Her presence was his painkiller

She became his world

He feared losing her


She was ready to wait a lifetime or more for him,

The unconditional love of her

Made him feel confident and

Brand new.

~She didn’t care about his past, supported his present, encouraged his future♥️.

~Double trouble 🌍.

We met when we were kids

Since then my best friend have always been there for me

She turned my life interesting

And school my favorite place

From F L A M E S to stalking crush on Instagram,

Sharing album pictures to maintaining snap streaks,

Movie plans to planning a Goa trip ,

Bunking classes to pranking each other

Laughing together to wiping each other’s tears

Sharing food to finishing each other’s food,

Watching peppa pigs to watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Our bond has grown stronger.

Graduation burnt down our dream of being together throughout

Destiny has planned something different

We moved to different cities

Tears flooded ,

Life kept us busy.

Daily video calls changed to weekend phone calls

Those calls were never missed

Endless gossip over phone ,

the same excitement during every single phone

Calls were our week- boosters

Just the long warm hugs were missed

Time spent together has reduced ,

But what we have for each other has not changed a bit.

You are the treasure of my life,

I will not want to share you with anyone.

You make my life complete.

You are the avocado to my toast.


I will always love you no matter what ❤️🌍.


Have you guys have ever experienced single side love? for 6 years ? Falling for a senior ? Even the thought of it kills me inside.

But this is a real thing. Yes.

Like millions, even she didn’t have a happy ending fairytale kinda life.

It was a Happily-never-after chapter of her life.

He was her first crush. She was just thirteen, she didn’t have the guts to tell him how she felt. He was her senior. But a year later during school sports and house meets they got to know each other well . They became good friends. Even now she couldn’t let her feelings out. She cherished every single moment spent together. Those days didn’t last long. He was in his sophomore year. It was his final year in that campus. Nearing the end it became tougher for her. She was scared that she would lose the friendship. She least wanted was to withhold the friendship. Everyday after the last bell she would rush outa class grabbing her bag to see him. Just to see him. *She could have told him how much he means to her , that’s what I feel * . She would go out to the canteen to eat her lunch so that she could look at him. It was the best time for her through out Day. Sometimes even that coincidental eye contact made her blush. She found happiness in every possible way. He was her everything. She literally broke down into pieces when he had to leave the school. Even at this point of time, she didn’t talk about him to any of her friends. She kept it to herself. She underwent a lot of pain. But she also knew that nothing could be changed. So she decided to move on. But this time he didn’t let her do that , he started to text her. A message from him changed everything. They texted 24/7 , everyday he would text her the exact time she would return from school. The endless conversation got them even closer. But this time life played with them. His parents sent him to a boarding school. She once again broke down into pieces in the fear of losing him. The last text from him was ” I WILL MISS YOU THE MOST, YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE ❤️. Reading this text her tears rolled down her eyes. She couldn’t control it this time. She couldn’t text him back. At the same time this text from him gave her hope and strength and the endless amount of love made her wait for him. After a year , she got a text from him. She was extremely happy and that moment of joy cannot be expressed in words. They had a pretty good time talking with each other for a month and half. Now, he had to return to the boarding school. This time her hopes became stronger. But this time it wasn’t the way she wanted. He left. That was their last few days. This time his last text said “ILL MISS YOU THE MOST. LETS CATCH UP SOMETIME AFTER EXAMS”. She waited for him to text her after the boards. But he didn’t. Something has happened and she doesn’t know what it is. This time she couldn’t handle the pain, she opened it to her best friend. Her best friend couldn’t believe it. Her best friend tried her best to erase him from her brain. But the friend failed. It took her a couple of months to accept it and move on.

* I personally feel that confessions would have made it an happily-ever-after, a fairytale love.*

She decided to move on. She took a strong decision. She knew it was going to be a difficult task for her to do. But she was trying her best.

ONCE AGAIN… he didn’t let her do it.

After years the follow request she got from him on Instagram was a huge thing for her. She got back even that small part of the lost hope. She wanted to text him, confess her love for him this time. But, something stopped even this time from doing it.

Even now he’s her number one priority. Even that one notification ” HE LIKED YOUR PICTURE “ would make her day.

Days passed , years passed , he changed but she couldn’t. Her true love for him never let her change.

She still, till date loves him the same way she did 6 years back. With her fingers crossed hoping for him to return back to her.



Bidding farewell. Million memories , thousand fights, hundred pranks, ten bad bad days and one person is constantly flashing back to back in my head. I’m talking about my BEST FRIEND. Past two years were very difficult for me. And I survived my high school cause of my best friend. 

High school was a disaster. It was full of dramas , back stabbers, dork, bitches and bastards. I hated it. But even in that dungeon  I somehow found 2 sweet and adorable people. But they had their group of friends. So those angels left me in the dark. I will miss them a little. They did mean something to mean. I just have “DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS” kinda love for them. But above all I found a “ ANNOYING-DIRTY-IDIOT” who I call me best friend now. I don’t know how we became friends. I wish I had met him before. 

Day or night, weekday or weekend, study time or playtime it doesn’t matter, if you need a person to talk with I’m there the next moment beside listening , wiping your tears. Well I’m not a person who can be extremely nice to everyone all the time. I’m a bitch. I talk shit , I do everything wrong, clumsy a-f and yet doesn’t get judged for being me. WOOW ! Ik. Im grateful. It’s the end and I’ll surely miss him. People think I’m an extrovert and I have millions of friends. That isn’t true though. It’s just that a lot of people know me. And as we are at the point of our life where we have to bid goodbye to few and few we take with us through out. I’m sure he’ll be there forever .For now , my journey has come to an end , school life has come to an end, in the past 2 years you wouldn’t believe me I just made one good amazing friend. Yes guys , I just made one friend. Who I can trust with anything and everything. I didn’t make million friends , but I made one , that one is forever no matter what that bond is gonna last forever . We’re not on the top of each other’s priority list, we don’t text all day and night, we don’t talk everyday but when we do it, it will be the best time. And we know what we have for each other. That’s our friendship. Two years taught me a lot. But , he taught me how not to show insecurities and feelings out and let others play with it and to always look happy, not give a chance for this judgmental world to take over you. 

We pretend all the time like we don’t care, and doesn’t want to listen to the never ending dramas. But when either of us fail to tell each other things first either good or bad and get to know it through a third person..rest in history. Never ending phone calls weren’t just phone calls . It’s the reason why we failed exams. Jk. We managed to pass the exams will poor grades. We didn’t waste time we made memories :”). We never gossip, we talk about all the the things we know that would never happen. All hypothetical stuff. Our bond is nothing less than Chandler’s and Joey’s:”).

There’s no end for those good times we had. It can be cherished for rest of my lifetime. 

I’ve never told him how much I like talking , how much I trust him, how he had made my high school better than what I thought it would be. He tolerates me a lot. He can never be replaced. In the beginning he gave me the vibe of my sophomore friends who I used to miss a lot. Slowly the friendship grew. We turned from friends to super annoying best friends.That’s how it all started. ONE BEST PERSON WHO CAN NEVER BE REPLACED.

We are better together. I’m not sure whether I’ll meet someone like him or not. But I swear, he will never be forgotten. And yeah even our friendship started with “ WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU I THOUGHT YOU WERE A BITCH”.  ♥️

~loads of love K🔥